The lowline’s docile nature make for easy handling, they are great for newcomers to the cattle industry.  They have a stocking rate of 2:1, which make them a perfect fit for small acreage.  Lowlines maintain themselves on half the feed of a traditional cow and finish well on grass, this equals less feed and less production cost.  Lowlines have a larger rib eye area per hundred weight.  They make great mothers and are known for their calving ease.  Now i’ll give you a first hand fact.  Our vet was worried about one of our first time heifer’s pregnancies and told us in the fall to “make a note that she is pregnant on the left side, so when i come out in the spring i’ll know what side to cut the calf out of”.  Tango has just had a healthy heifer calf,  with complete calving ease. (That’s Tango and her first calf in the picture above)  This breed is amazing.

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